Uber creative forum of Salem ladies (UCFS )

As my Business soared high so did my business acquaintances!I interacted with ladies globally and they wanted a platform where they could start publicising their creativity and business.
So I formed a ladies group on 1/1/2015 by name “UBER CREATIVE FORUM OF SALEM”(UCFS) which i started with 25+ ladies ,which turned to 50 ladies in 6 months & 100 by a years time and about 300 in 3 years. Today I’m happy to say that we have two groups running very actively & successfully with 400+ ladies.
UCFS group is truly a democratic platform where creativity is our first focus .
It is only five years since inception and we have gone from strength to strength. we have organized many workshops and events . In all my endeavors I have been helped by the selfless efforts of the 3 administrators of UCFS Lavanya yugandar,Arthi Rathore & Pinky Gujjar.
As originator of the creative group,I feel creative stands for CARING Responsible , Enterprising , Artistic , Thoughtful , Intelligent , Vibrant *Eves
Small events and shows did not satisfy me!
Suddenly an idea flashed into my mind andto implement on that I made a committee in 2016 with the other three administrators and Neelam Sethia. The plan was to involve
each& every member to play a small or
vital role in conducting a Mega *JEWEL*FABEATION . This glittering show had Two sessions of modelling and dances by our own models,Jewellery designers makeup artists mehendi artists dress designers,event planners,anchors ,music &dance directors & dialogue writers all from our very own UCFS. To conduct a show with so much glitter members worked on getting generous sponsors . The group also sold tickets and the venue was HOUSEFULL The climax of the event was a sumptuous dinner by Radisson Blu. This event will be etched in the memory of Sale mites….This was by far the biggest achievement of our group( below pics of our fashion show Jewel fabeation)
creative members have utilized their creativity to benefit society at large by organizing various workshops, sessions and events .We invite speakers from different parts of the globe to boost & Channelize the energy of our group members.
We Administrators work selflessly for the empowerment women..our ucfs mantra is “Rise of Women is Rise of Nation”.

Our Selected Topics!!